Quality Equipment is Required For Safe Piloting

A helicopter pilot has several tasks to perform at once just to get the helicopter off the ground. The mind can only handle so many things. To have quality helicopter helmets and aviation headsets allows the pilot to concentrate on the tasks at hand without the distractions of poor equipment. Aviation headsets and helicopter helmets need to be good quality and meet high standards at all times.

Aviation headsets come in many styles for many different uses. There are passive noise reduction and active noise reduction headsets. Active noise headsets do cost a bit more but the noise reduction is greater. Pilot’s needing a greater degree of silence to complete their tasks should choose an active noise reduction headset. Passive noise reduction headsets work well but not to the degree of the active sets. Both types of sets have quality microphones installed. Most aviation headsets microphones booms are flexible and have air filters on them. The filters are used to prevent wind noise and others noises from leaking into the microphone while in use. Some headsets have battery backups at a small additional cost.

Helicopter helmets are so important to a pilot’s safety and performance. Without a good helmet the pilot may lose proper contact with the control tower or anyone they a talking with. The sun could cause an issue if the helmet doesn’t have to correct visor. There are several styles of helicopter helmets that offer plenty of options for any type of pilot. Helmets can come with extra padding. They can come with extra liners that dampen the outside noise. They can be fitted with several types of visors. There are many colors to choose from for you visor. You can also have a mirrored visor. Some helmets can also be fitted with dual visors for many uses. Such as a visor that has slots to connect night vision goggles to the helmet for night flights. Helicopter helmets can be made with communications equipment as well. Such as microphones that are on booms and have filters. The helmet can be fitted with speakers by the ears that tie in to the radio controls of the helicopter. Helicopter helmets can come pre-made or you can build one yourself. The shell can be picked out and have the visor, ear pieces, padding and the communications equipment all installed separately based on individual tastes and needs.

Aviation headsets and helicopter helmets are essential pieces to a pilot’s arsenal. Without either the pilot’s task couldn’t be performed at a high level. Substandard equipment could lead to injury of even death in some cases. A military helicopter pilot that has sub standard equipment could be shot down in combat unnecessarily. A civilian pilot or a pilot with the local police for wouldn’t be able to do their jobs if the helmets and headsets were substandard. With the many styles and levels of quality a helicopter pilot will easily be protected at all times with the correct decision on headset or helmet.

Article wrote by Chuck R Stewart


20 Years old, born and raised in Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and currently living at Hillsboro, Oregon. I’m a fixed wing student pilot and Hillsboro Aero Academy.

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